Research Request

Request for Genealogical / Interment Research

Information for person’s interred at Beech Grove Cemetery includes only the information provided to the cemetery at the time of death. For all interments, we can provide the interment date and location. A further search of our records may, or may not provide additional information including:

  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Date & Place of Death
  • Age at Time of Death
  • Parent’s Names
  • Cause of Death (Prior to April 30, 1917)
  • Funeral Director
  • Address at Time of Death
  • Surviving Relative or Friend
  • Copy of the Obituary (After September 1958)

Be prepared to pay $15 for the first name and $7.50 for each additional name for the information requested. All major credit cards/debit cards accepted. ’Old School’ Process Please download, print and fill out this PDF Form. Enclose payment in the form of a check ($15.00 for the first name, $7.50 for each additional name, for information requested) made payable to Friends of Beech Grove Cemetery, and return your request by mail or in person. Contributions are tax-deductible. Please complete the form as fully as possible.